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15 Favorite SF/F books...Today

A Facebook friend gave me a homework assignment. She asked me, casually, for a list of favorite sf/f books. She probably thinks I have forgotten or overlooked her request. Oh no, I was merely getting the other things that I am obsessing over out of the way first. Tonight this is what I am obsessing over, after the evening’s appointment television, of course. This list is my favorites tonight, in this mood, in this light when some of my shelves are blocked and I can’t see everything. I’m probably forgetting someone that’s Really Important. I decided to put the post at Livejournal because it appears it isn't possible to create Notes at Facebook anymore. Here goes. (You will notice I took the liberty of throwing in a few series and counted them as one title.)

Kage Baker – “The Company” stories starting with In the Garden of Iden
Emma Bull – War for the Oaks
Pat Cadigan – Mindplayers
Gail Carriger – the Parasol Protectorate starting with Soulless
Susanna Clarke – Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
Storm Constantine – the Wraethu trilogy starting with The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit
Greg Egan – Permutation City
Neil Gaiman – Neverwhere
William Gibson – Pattern Recognition
Ian McDonald – River of Gods
China Mieville – Perdido Street Station
Dan Simmons – Hyperion
Bruce Sterling – Holy Fire
Neal Stephenson – Cryptonomicon
Neat Stephenson – Snow Crash
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