Sphinx, in her hat (sphinx_n_herhat) wrote,
Sphinx, in her hat

Saturday is/was Read Comics in Public Day

tamiam alerted me to an unexpected day to celebrate: Read Comics in Public Day

Though I don't actually read all that many comics, this was an idea I could get behind (yes, please -- read anything in public) so I grabbed a Christmas present I got from an ex-boyfriend and headed off to Charlie's.

My reading matter was Berlin: City of Stones by Jason Lutes. I felt some chagrin in that this is exactly one of those "serious, black-and-white comics about war and art and history and social class" that the author of the article under my first link was chiding himself for unconsciously selecting to be seen with for his celebration of the day.

But see, this is exactly the kind that I should make an effort to sit down with. I find them kind of difficult to appreciate. There's no color and no fantastic beasties or landscapes to catch ones eye. It took something like this day to give it a try. So my thanks go out to John. His thought, that if it was about a) Berlin in b)the 1920s that I might want to check it out, turned out to be spot on. I'm about half-way through.
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