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Writer's Block: Confessions of a couch potato

What is the longest uninterrupted period of time you've ever watched TV? Were you alone or with a friend/partner? Do you tend to watch more TV when you're happy, depressed, or simply bored?

Because of the internet, I actually know the answer to this question: 10 hours on April 20, 2003. I was a regular poster, at the time, in a forum that was devoted to TV topics and the post I made about my marathon is still there. I begin: I feel like an AA member coming in to confess to a bender. The TV was on from when I came home from brunch to when I finally went to bed.

My viewing included a couple hours of Food network, a couple of archaeology shows on the Discovery channel, an episode of one of Michael Palin's travel documentaries, the first installment of the miniseries Helen of Troy, two episodes of Masterpiece Theater one in real-time, one taped and a documentary about terrorist attacks. I think this adequately illustrates how cable TV gives even the bookish an equal opportunity to be a couch potato. And how, if you really want to get things done, you probably shouldn't even own a television.

I like how I closed a post about my second-longest marathon (only 8 hours that time): The checks are still unwritten for my bills, my roots are still showing and I'm going to run out of energy in about half an hour. Just in case, during the week, I wonder what *did* I do with all that time I had on the weekend, here's my answer.
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