Sphinx, in her hat (sphinx_n_herhat) wrote,
Sphinx, in her hat

Gunslinger Girl

I've been having an anime orgy this weekend with the various titles available to me via Comcast's On Demand feature. I want to see as much of it as I can before I have to cancel my digital cable and bust myself down to rock-bottom basic.

One of the places that I know you can find anime is under IFC Free. (Path: Cutting Edge > IFC Free > Anime) What they have available there now is two episodes of this really unnerving series called Gunslinger Girl.


It's funny how in the world of anime there is this whole bumpercrop of kids/teenagers who suddenly become masters of the sword in some way or some otherwhere and we take it all in stride. If you watch anime you also see children/teenagers put in the control seats of giant fighting machines called mecha. Doesn't take too long to take that in stride too. But these little girls with their machine guns rat-a-tatting away is just really disturbing. You'd think it would be the same thing, but it is not. I watched the one episode just to see what it was about. I decided that I didn't need to see anymore, and I don't want to become accustomed to it.
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